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Aeria Games Employees, they log on Shaiya for events, assuring a smooth gaming experince or for moderation purposes. To that effect, they can use differents commands.


One of their most devastating power is banning of wrong-doers. If someone is caught doing something against the Terms of Service and does not cooperate with GM or Game Sages, they will be banned.

GM can also kick people off the server, forcing them to log back in at a later time.

One of the most feared buttons, however, is the monster spawn button. GM can summon any monster they choose to any location. This is mainly used for events, very rarely as a disciplinary action.

GM can teleport someone from one place in a map to another location entirely, including an area they have outleveled. GM use this power for Save the Game Sages events. It can also be used as a disciplinary action.

GM can 'mute' people as well, preventing them from talking in Trade Chat. This is always a disciplinary action.

Game Masters

This is a list of active Game Masters, so you won't get scammed

  • [GM]Foxtrot/(GM)Foxtrot)/GMFoxtrot
  • [GM]Jecca/(GM)Jecca/GMJecca
  • [GM]VectorM/(GM)VectorM/GMVectorM
  • [GM]Vert/(GM)Vert/GMVert
  • [GM]TankGirl/(GM)TankGirl/GMTankGirl
  • [GM]tactics/(GM)tactics/GMtactics
  • [GM]Kali/(GM)Kali/GMKali
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