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User Interface

  1. Character - The number on the far left of this is your character level. The top bar (red) is the character's HP, or Health, and the character will be KO'd if this reaches 0. The middle bar (green) is your character's CP, which governs the use of the mech. The bottom bar (blue) is the SP bar, which provides energy for all active skills.
  2. Target - This section governs the target of your character. For the name, Red equals Enemy, Yellow equals Neutral, and Green equals Friendly. The top bar indicates the current HP of the target, and the number on the lower right details how far away the target is. This is important for the use of some skills. Right-clicking the target will produce a menu for further interactions. (menu translation courtesy of NinjaKitten)
  3. Radar - This display shows you the location of characters in your immediate area.
  4. Quest - This interface shows you a listing of quests you are currently involved with, sorted by the various categories. For more on these, please see the PvE and Quests page.
  5. Menu Bars - This section contains important buttons for interacting with the game, such as Character tabs, Guild page, Options menu, and other essentials.
  6. Minimap - This map, separate from the radar, shows the layout of your current area and can be used for more effective navigation. It can be moved around the screen and turned off by tapping the [N] hotkey. Use the M-key map to set options like if you can see guildies or not.
  7. Hotkeys - These allow the player to assign skills and actions to buttons for quick use in conjunction with their keyboard and mouse. Scarlet Blade offers three rows for skills as well as the ability to change which set is currently active.
  8. Chatbox - This window shows the various the chats that players can participate in. In order, the categories are: General, System, Guild, Team, Attack Squad, and Whisper.


  • W, A, S, D - Keyboard Movement controls (Forward, Left, Backwards, Right)
  • R - Auto-run
  • Space - Jump
  • Left Click - Move to clicked destination, Target clicked Enemy, Attack, Interact with UI
  • Right Click - Target, move camera (when held), pick up items

Quick Slots

  • 1-0 - Buttons for the bottom row of quick slots / hotkeys. Items and skills must be assigned to quick slots before they can be used.
  • F1-F10 - Buttons for the middle row of quick slots / hotkeys. Items and skills must be assigned to quick slots before they can be used.
  • Z-X - Switch the quick slots / hotkeys on the right side of the screen. Only applicable for Special Skills.


  • C - Display the Character Information window
  • I - Display the Inventory window
  • Y - Display the Pets window
  • L - Display the Puzzle window
  • U - Display the Mail window
  • O - Display the Settings window
  • P - Display the Party System window
  • H - Display the Social window
  • J - Display the Quests Log window
  • K - Display the Skill window
  • T - Display the Battlefields window
  • N - Toggle the Overlap map on/off
  • M - Display the World Map window
  • G - Display the Guilds window
  • B - Display the Gambling window
  • V - Display the in-game Item Mall window

Targeting and Toggles

  • TAB - Cycle through nearby enemy targets
  • ~ - Cycle through nearby ally targets
  • F - Target who your target is currently targeting
  • E - Pickup nearby dropped items
  • F11 - Hide nearby characters
  • F12 - Toggle between 1st and 2nd equipment (yes you can have 2 full sets and switch between them)
  • SHIFT + Y - Summon or Withdraw Pets
  • " - Toggle all UI on/off (mainly used for taking screenshots)

System and Chat

  • ESC - Open the System menu
  • ENTER - Activate chat window
  • PRNTSCN - Take a screenshot
  • INSERT - Insert
  • DELETE - Delete
  • END - Scroll to the most recent line of chat
  • PAGE UP - Move up a chat window
  • PAGE DOWN - Move down a chat window

Camera Controls

  • - - Zoom Camera Out
  • + - Zoom Camera In
  • \ - Rotate Camera Up
  • BACKSPACE - Rotate Camera Down
  • [ - Rotate Camera Left
  • ] - Rotate Camera Right
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (HOLD) - Manually move Camera
  • MOUSE WHEEL - Zoom Camera In/Out
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