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As you journey through Eden Eternal, there are various windows and icons to help you along your way to becoming an Eternal Guardian.



Upon logging in players may notice different windows on the screen.


Players may drag and place the windows on different areas of the screen.

Players may also change the color of the interface by going to the settings.

Character Interface

Find your character's most important details here. This is the same interface other players will see if they target you.

Players will notice a bar containing their characters current level, class level, name, and picture.

  • When players target other players they will see this bar. Players may also see what their target is viewing.


Character Class and Level

The two numbers displayed above the player's name are the character and class levels.

  • Class level cannot exceed character level.

Health and Mana Bars

These two bars indicate a player's overall health and mana status.

  • Using skills drains mana, and taking damage drains health.

Target Interface

When an NPC, monster, or player is targeted, their information appears in the target interface.

Right-click this interface to display the actions that can be performed on that target.



When players see a monster's level, it will be color-coded based on the character's level.

  • Monsters with red levels will be challenging to impossible to kill, and monsters with grey levels mean the player will not receive EXP for the kill.


The color of a target's name shows their disposition toward the player.

  • Red indicates an aggressive character or monster, yellow a neutral character, and green a friendly one.

Health and Mana

These bars display the amount of health and mana a targeted character has left.

Minimap Interface

For more detailed information on the minimap, see Map Interface.

The minimap displays a great deal of information and also offers links and shortcuts to other important interfaces.


  • Quests, NPCs, and party members will all appear as icons on the minimap.

Character Notices

As you journey through the Central Continent, you'll unlock various game elements.

When players unlock a notice, they will appear under this tab.


Notices Include:

  • Level up
  • New Class unlocked
  • Achievement attained
  • Title earned
  • Story unlocked
  • Outfit Upgrade unlocked

Menu Icons

While most functions can also be accessed via hotkey, it can be helpful to have shiny buttons to click on, too.


Icon Function Detail
EE_int_menu_char.jpg Character Infor (C) Opens your character information sheet, which displays current stats and gear.
EE_interface_menu_bag.jpg Backpack (B) Displayes all the items currently stowed in players backpack.
EE_int_menu_log.jpg Quest Log (L) Opens the Quest Log, where players can toggle the quest track on and off, add or remove quests to the tracker, and view current progress.
EE_int_menu_social.jpg Community/Social (O) Add friends, block enemies, and stay in touch with loved ones.
icon_interface20.jpg Classes and Skills (K) Allows players to use their skill points and change classes.
EE_int_menu_guild.jpg Guild Options (G) Opens the guild interface, where players can manage their guild, recruit new players, and visit Guild Towns!
EE_int_menu_im.jpg Item Mall (I) If players purchased AP, this is the place to spend it.
EE_int_menu_options.jpg Options (Esc) The Options menu lets players change video and audio settings such as resolution. Players can also restructure the hotkey settings to suit their personal play-style, or log off and select a different character.
Z5Kvp21.png Pet Window (N) Players can view and edit their Pets.

Chat Window

Communicate with other players via the Chat window.

  • Several channels are available, depending on who players would like to talk to.


Hotkey Bar

Eden Eternal uses three different rows of hotkeys.

  • 1-0, Alt + 1-0, and Ctrl + 1-0.

Skills, items, and even actions can be assigned to these hotkeys for quick use.


Mouse Movement

As you perform various actions, your mouse pointer will transform into a variety of icons so you can easily see exactly what it is you're doing.

To move in Eden players may use their keyboard controls, or mouse. When using the mouse simply click the desired spot and the character will move to the area.

If players bring up the map (Hotkey: M) and click somewhere on it, their character will auto-route to that location.

Icon Function Detail
MoveSelect.jpg Move/Use A click with this icon will make the character move to that location. Players can also use it to navigate the UI.
AttackTarget.jpg Fight Clicking with this icon will make a character engage the target in combat.
Select.jpg Use When this icon appears, players may use whatever item they've selected as the target. If the icon appears gray, the item cannot be used.
CastSpell.jpg Cast Spell/Use Skill A click with this icon will cast the players current skill on a selected target.
Repair.jpg Repair Clicking with this icon will repair whatever equipment you click on. Players may repair items at NPC shops.
PickUp.jpg Pick Up This icon means players can pick an item up off the ground.
Chat.jpg Chat A click with this icon will talk to a selected NPC.
Teleport.jpg Teleport Clicking with this icon brings up the fast-travel map. Players will need to find portals in towns to teleport.
SellItem.jpg Purchase When this icon appears, players can buy whatever item they have selected.
View.jpg View A click with this icon displays information on an item or tool.
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