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There are two available functions for hotkeys. One is to lock your hotkeys and one to unlock hotkeys. You can go into the system setting by pressing the ESC key or ALT + Z and select the option to lock or unlock your hotkeys. When the hotkeys are locked, you must press the ALT key as well as the hotkey that you wish to use. Below is the list of hotkeys you can use.

Keys Function/Effect
Alt + T or T (Character Status) Character Status window consist of character bio-data, abilities points, skills points and PK status. Each time you gain a level you will gain One (1) ability point to add either your Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom or Constitution.
Alt + E or E (Inventory) Calls up the inventory window
Alt + S or S (Skills) Skills window consist of the combat skills, basic skills and job skills.
Alt + A or A (Actions) Actions window shows function keys for Attacking, Pick item, Run, Walk, Sit, Stand, Trade, PK mode, non-PK mode, Open map, Trade and Merchant.
Alt + F or F (Friend chatting system) Brings up the chat bar.
Alt + 1 - 3 (Scroll pages of item shortcuts) Scrolls through 3 sets of skill/item shortcut bar.
F1 - F10 Activation of skills and items placed on the current active shortcut bar.
Alt + C or C (Emoticons) Emotions table consist of keys for Greeting, Smiling, Sad, Thumbs Up, Claps, Refuse, Show Off, Intimidate, Celebrate, Challenge and Bow.
Alt + G or G (Party and Guild) Party or guild window functionality is for inviting player to join your party or guild.
Alt + Q or Q (Quest) Quest window shows the quest that you have engaged and completed.
Alt + W or W (Map) Calls out the map of the area.
Alt + X or X (toggle all bars and windows) Toggles all bars and windows on and off for easy viewing and taking screenshots.
Alt + Z or Z, ESC (Game Menu) Allows access to the game menu.
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