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Trade Scams are simply as the name suggests, a way of scamming players of their items, gold and even accounts.

Ways to avoid Trade Scams:

  • Never give away your password to anyone. NPCs or members of Aeria will never ask for your password, so there is never any reason to give it away.
  • Always use the Item Exchange/Trade option rather than trusting the other person to drop the item for you. The trade menu is a fool-proof way to prevent scams.
  • Especially when trading pets, armor or weapons, always ignore the picture in the trade window. Instead, check the item for which you wish to trade by clicking on it with your mouse to ascertain that what you will receive will be what you expect. One of the most common scams in this type of game--and one of the most lucrative for the scammers--is to lure an unsuspecting player into a trade with an item that the unsuspecting player wants, then "accidentally" canceling the trade (or their computer "malfunctioned," etc.), and then when the trade is re-initiated, to switch the desired item for a much lower quality item. Example: advertising a +15 level weapon or a level 31 pet, and then substituting these items in the subsequent, "scammer" trade window with a regular, non-upgraded item or a level 1 pet. The pictures for these items are identical at every level, so the only way to be assured that what you are receiving is for what you actually wish to be trading/paying is to click on each item in the trade window to check its true level. For, whereas the items themselves at any level look the same, in this example they obviously are not.
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