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Fusion allows you to combine one or more monsters into a single monster in order to increases the experience of the base monster which in turn can raise the monster's level. As a general rule, the higher level of the monster, the more experience needed to gain the next level. Also, catalyst monsters of the same type as the base will provide a higher amount of experience when fused.

Question Answer
Should I max my monsters levels before fusion+? Answer: This is a resounding yes. For each level gained between your pre fuse+ monsters, they receive a slight bonus to HP, Atk and Defense. Two level 40 Rare will be much more effective than two level 20 when fuse +d. The exact total a monster carries over is as follows: Non max=5% of monsters base vs 10% of base when max lvled.
Should I use a golden slime for fusion? Answer: You should not. Aside from mighty and proto mighty, most all other slime with be worth more sold onto the market or sold straight through the NPC.
What is the best way to level my monsters before fusion? Answer: Tablet monsters. Fusing two tablet monsters will bring it to lvl 7-8, this can also be achieved through fusing 10 N to a tablet. Fusing two level 7 will bring it to lvl 14-16, and fusing two level 14-16 will bring it to level 22-24. Use multiple tablets rather than fusing all of them into one, as the level increase dwindles with this method as you get higher. Fuse two-three lvl 14-16 with your base monsters, use mighty slimes if available. The results will be drastically better than if you were to fuse multiple level 1-7 with your base.Currently 5 level 14 tabs of same element will max out any given R monster.
Are my summoned Murder/Poseidon perfect fusioned? Answer: Unfortunately, no. All summoned SR that belong to a fusion chain are put together using base monster cards at lvl 1, thus making them far from perfect.
Why do fusions not always give the same amount of experience? Answer: There are a few factors to take into account when fusing monsters. Monsters that have the same 'Race', 'Element' (worth twice the bonus amount), and 'Name' get bonuses when being fused. Fusing 2 monsters of the same name will yield the greatest amount of experience.
Should I fuse my mighty slime/proto slime alone or with other monsters? Answer: Think of the mighty slimes as a catalyst accelerator. Performing a fusion using the same base materials as originally planned(multiple lvl 15 tabs) will see a much greater yeild than simply fusing your base with a mighty slime as catalyst.


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