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Lime Odyssey is a social game, and it is way more fun to craft epic gear if you can show it off to your buds.
As your friends get into Lime, or as you make friends in game, use your friends list to keep track of them and reach them when you want.
Press "O" to bring up your friends list. It will look like the picture shown along the right

  • Add friend: Add a member to your friends list
  • Invite to party: Get your friend in your party so you can quest together!
  • Friend Stats: It is useful to see your friends characters levels, so you know which ones are eligible to quest with you.
  • Whisper: Click a friends' name and then you have the ability to whisper that particular player.



Of course, not everyone on the internet is your best friend. Good thing we have the Ignore Player tab up at the top!

  • Ignore: Add a player to your ignore list. You wont see their chats anymore.
  • Remove: Remove a player from the ignore list.
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