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The Friends Interface

To open the friends interface press "o". It shows all the players you added. Once a player is on your friend list, you can see their level, class, and location. If they are not online, they won't show up unless the "Offline" checkbox is checked. If you right-click on a friend's name, it will bring up more options such as form a party, whisper, and more. If you want to veiw what channel/map your friends are on click on the little 'triangle' on your friends list to switch between Channel and Location.


Adding Friends

There are three ways to add someone to your friends list.

  • Method 1: Select the person you want to add, then right click their profile picture (top middle of the screen). Select Add from the menu.
  • Method 2: If the person you want to add has been chatting, right click on their name in the chat window. Select Add from the menu.
  • Method 3: Open the Social Window to view your Friend's List (press "O" on the keyboard, or click the mini-menu icon). Click the Add button and type in the player's name. Press OK to add them.

Alternatively, you can select a box in the upper right corner that reads "Add to Friends". A box will appear, in which you write the name of the player you would like to add to your friends list. The box underneath, which reads "Block Player", will pop up a similar box. However, entering a name in this box will prevent any chat from this person from appearing in your chat box, as well as blocking any mail, friend invites, party invites, and whispers from this person.

Removing and Blocking

The same methods for adding friends can be used to remove them from your friend's list, or even block them. In addition, you can right click on their name in your list as well.

The LFP System

The LFP system is a Party-Recruitment System that lets you make a party and then customize it how you want so people who use the system can join your party if you'd like.


Red = Filters Pink = Search Results Yellow = Party Details Green = More filters

~1. Filters include the following: - Same location (meaning parties on the same map as you) - Same Channel (Parties on the same channel as you) - Suitable Level (Parties with an average level x* within your level) - Filter blacklisted (Parties with people on your block list will be excluded if checked)

~2. This will display the parties that you have not filtered

~3. This will display information on the party once you have clicked a party

~4. Clicking on this you will have the option of filtering normal (5-People) parties or raid parties (10- People) -Team = Raids -Party = Normals

Activating Recruitment

~1. You must be leader of your party!

~2. Right click your head (top left of your screen) and press Activate Party Recruitment (boxed in blue)


~3. Type in your information in party purpose and party requirement

~4. Press Recruitment ON


~5. Press Confirm!*

Joining a Party by Request

~1. Right click the party you want to join

~2. Click Join Party (In a pink box)


~3. A box on the Party leader's screen will show your -Level -Class -Name

~4. If the party leader accepts, then you will be automatically added into the group. If not, you will receive a message saying "Player Has declined your party invitation"


Joining Auto-Parties

~1. Right click the party you want to join

~2. Click Join Party*

~3. You will automatically be added to the party without consent from the party leader

  • Party leader must have turned this feature on for this to work.
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