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Fragments can be dropped randomly from monsters, vases, and treasure chests around the world. Also, your sprites may return with one after an activity. These fragments are used by alchemist NPCs to produce Talent Cards in combination with a blueprint and some adhesive. If you have no use for the fragments you can also sell them at the Auction House or to regular merchant NPCs.

Icon Fragment Talent Type Level of Talent Drop from
?plugin=ref&page=%BE%C3%CC%D7%C9%CA%2F%C1%C7%BA%E0%2F%A5%C6%A1%BC%A5%D6%A5%EB&src=%C2%E7%C3%CF%A4%CE%A5%E1%A5%BF%A5%EB%A4%CE%A4%AB%A4%B1%A4%E9.PNG Earth Metal Fragment Earth 1 Lvl 5-16 monsters
?plugin=ref&page=%BE%C3%CC%D7%C9%CA%2F%C1%C7%BA%E0%2F%A5%C6%A1%BC%A5%D6%A5%EB&src=%C2%E7%C3%CF%A4%CE%A5%E1%A5%BF%A5%EB%A4%CE%A4%AB%A4%B1%A4%E9.PNG Earth Mithril Fragment Earth 2 Lvl 10-27 monsters
?plugin=ref&page=%BE%C3%CC%D7%C9%CA%2F%C1%C7%BA%E0%2F%A5%C6%A1%BC%A5%D6%A5%EB&src=%C2%E7%C3%CF%A4%CE%A5%E1%A5%BF%A5%EB%A4%CE%A4%AB%A4%B1%A4%E9.PNG Earth Platinum Fragment Earth 3 lvl 31+ monsters
Earth Mystery Fragment Earth 4, Ancient 1 lvl 66+ monsters
?plugin=ref&page=%BE%C3%CC%D7%C9%CA%2F%C1%C7%BA%E0%2F%A5%C6%A1%BC%A5%D6%A5%EB&src=%C0%B1%A4%CE%B6%E4%A4%CE%A4%AB%A4%B1%A4%E9.PNG Star Mithril Fragment Star 1 Lvl 16-30 monsters
?plugin=ref&page=%BE%C3%CC%D7%C9%CA%2F%C1%C7%BA%E0%2F%A5%C6%A1%BC%A5%D6%A5%EB&src=%C0%B1%A4%CE%B6%E4%A4%CE%A4%AB%A4%B1%A4%E9.PNG Star Platinum Fragment Star 2, 3 lvl 31+ monsters
Star Mystery Fragment Star 4, Ancient 1 lvl 66+ Monsters
?plugin=ref&page=%BE%C3%CC%D7%C9%CA%2F%C1%C7%BA%E0%2F%A5%C6%A1%BC%A5%D6%A5%EB&src=%B7%EE%A5%D7%A5%E9%A5%C1%A5%CA.jpg Moon Platinum Fragment Moon 1, 2, 3 lvl 31+ monsters
Moon Mystery Fragment Moon 4, Ancient 1 lvl 67+ Monsters
?plugin=ref&page=%BE%C3%CC%D7%C9%CA%2F%C1%C7%BA%E0%2F%A5%C6%A1%BC%A5%D6%A5%EB&src=%C2%C0%CD%DB%A5%D7%A5%E9%A5%C1%A5%CA.jpg Sun Platinum Fragment Sun 1, 2, 3 lvl 42+ monsters
Sun Mystery Fragment Sun 4, Ancient 1 lvl 67+ Monsters


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