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The Forest Altar can be found in Moonlight Forest to the north at coordinates x=390,y=560


Reputation Sprite: Alice, Forest Queen
Reputation Item:Lost Power of the Forest, Concentrated Power of the Forest
Every set of released powers, both regular and concentrated gains 312 reputation points.

What can be obtained

Note: All items are Non-Tradable

Item Name Required Level Required Reputation Description/Skills Cost
Hollymire's Magic Bells 6 1000 Mining 17, Hunting 17, Priest Apparel 17, Mage Apparel 16 1g 20s
Madaya's Silver Bell 21 4000 Mining 25, Foraging 25, Hunting 25, Salvage 24 4g 50s
Sprite Emblem - Healing 3 15 1000 If HP is less than 70%, 12% chance of restoring HP; A Slot 95s 85c
Blueprint - Chained Magic Burst 3 31 9000 Wizard/Necromancer, Magic crit hit rate +3%, 15% chance of double attack 30s
Staff - Crafting Bench - 9000 Sprite Equipment: Staff Crafting level +2 400g
Ear-to-Ear Grin Mask - 16000 Sprite Equipment: Combat - Gaining malice +12%; Collection - 45% chance of extra materials when foraging 150g
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