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Fegeral Valley is a patchwork of fertile farmland stitched together by rivers. Many Zumi have settled here. The rubble of several ancient peoples dots the landscape, and much ancient technology is buried nearby. In the southwest, Corossa is devoted to the study of ancient civilizations. Residents have developed many advanced machines and powerful devices based on ancient technology.


Fegeral Valley is the first area accessible to the Zumi race and available to Warp for 1 silver.





A town of modern steam-power technology, and the base of the Friendly Wave Researcher center.


The water source of the citizens of Corrosa


The ruins of an ancient civilization with many engraved stone pillars.

Seren's Meadow

Thriving shrubs that produce delicious berries.

Tunnel Remains

The tunnels depths have already collapsed in earthquakes, but mine cart tracks can still be seen.


  • <Dye merchant> Lady Rainbow. X: 103 x Y: 56
  • <Traveling merchant> Rilir. X: 205 x Y: 350
  • <General merchant> Lucky. X: 115 x Y: 122
  • <Oracle magi> Athena Marie. X: 312 x Y: 298
  • <Weapon merchant> Onengo. X: 128 x Y: 83
  • <Armor merchant> Ankal. X: 127 x Y: 80
  • <Fame chest> Steam pioneers. X: 168 x Y: 67

Warp point

Other NPC

  • <Brainstormer> Rocky. X: 143 x Y: 109
  • <G. Researcher> Nelle. X: 342 x Y: 190
  • <Robot mouse> Eleanor. X: 171 x Y: 365
  • <Ursun warrior> Deln. X: 310 x Y: 297
  • <Long patrol> Tanor. X: 150 x Y: 96
  • <Baker> Vorisa. X: 116 x Y: 55
  • <Data analyst> Radu. X: 114 x Y: 100
  • <Friendly Wave Researcher center director> Haman. X: 170 x Y: 66
  • Soul guardian. X: 153 x Y:114

General monsters

  • 7fcac8398f0af69a6794f73887881336.jpg Lv. 1 Rascally Monster
  • 7fcac8398f0af69a6794f73887881336.jpg Lv. 2 Wild Fur Monster
  • 47877c04962a352d6e87f9a135e94237.jpg Lv. 3 Stonecap Mushroid
  • bc3c710ad6c21d7a3eeae5a598926f38.jpg Lv. 5 Sweet Fruit Bat
  • 7fcac8398f0af69a6794f73887881336.jpg Lv. 6 Greedy Gremlin
  • 7333b291b766099d34385b4374377fdb.jpg Lv. 6 Ancient Defender
  • 7333b291b766099d34385b4374377fdb.jpg Lv. 7 Iron Mine Golem
  • bc3c710ad6c21d7a3eeae5a598926f38.jpg Lv. 7 Sour Fruit Bat


  • 47877c04962a352d6e87f9a135e94237.jpg Lv. 3 Fungi Jim. X: 160 x Y: 346
  • bc3c710ad6c21d7a3eeae5a598926f38.jpg Lv. 5 Beelzebub. X: 289 x Y: 332
  • 7fcac8398f0af69a6794f73887881336.jpg Lv. 6 Bobolu. X: 397 x Y: 379
  • 7333b291b766099d34385b4374377fdb.jpg Lv. 6 Ozric. X: 257 x Y: 221
  • 7333b291b766099d34385b4374377fdb.jpg Lv. 7 Kentaro. X: 352 x Y: 70

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