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Types of Farming

There are 9 types of livestock/crops that you can farm,

  • Sheep Token – normally yields Wool
  • Pig Token – normally yields Striped Leather
  • Cow Token – normally yields Fresh Milk
  • Mole Token – normally yields Curved Horn
  • Fruit Tree Token – normally yields Round Fruit
  • Vegetable Token – normally yields Long Squash
  • Flower Token – normally yields Sweet-Smelling Flower
  • Panda Token – normally yields Sweet Bamboo Shoot
  • Cactus Token – normally yields Smooth Thorn

These crops or livestock can be obtained from a “Farmer”, normally located by the farms next to any main town.

How do I farm?

Once you summon a crop or livestock you need to follow these steps in order to properly “Harvest” and receive loot. You must summon the crop or livestock in the appropriate farming area.

  • The crop or livestock has a “Satisfaction” rating that starts at “Greatly Dissatisfied”. In order to “Harvest”, the crop or livestock must be “Greatly Satisfied”.
  • The “Status” of a crop or livestock starts at “Normal” but quickly turns into one of two options:
    • Hungry” –You must “Feed” in order to bring “Status” back to “Normal
    • Pain” – You must “Heal” in order to bring “Status” back to “Normal

Every time you perform “Feed” or “Heal” the “Satisfaction” level increases.

  • Once the crop or livestock is at “Greatly Satisfied”, you now have the option to “Harvest
    • See above for normal “Harvest” yield
    • Sometimes, you may “Jackpot” to receive something greater than what is listed above
      • This can include rare recipes, gear, etc.
      • This includes greater quantities of normal yield
    • After you have successfully “Harvest” the crop or livestock, it will disappear.

Sometimes, when summoning a crop or livestock, it might appear a different color than the normal crop or livestock – this means you have hit a “Jackpot” which usually leads to greater loot.

I harvested, but only got 1 fresh milk

The longer duration your crop or livestock is left alive and not harvested, the bigger it grows and better or more loot it will reward.

  • Both crop or livestock have a total of 4 “Growth Stages
  • Growth Stage” begins at 0 and at maximum reaches 3
  • At each “Growth Stage” the crop or livestock evolves and grows bigger, generally having a different look

(i.e. Cactus starts as a ball, works its way into a bigger ball, then two branches, then eventually a full grown cactus with branches and fruit.)

  • Growth stage 1 provides more and better loot than growth stage 0, and so on (Growth stage 3 being the most evolved).

In addition to “Feed”, “Heal” and “Harvest”, you also have the option to “Change Name” of the crop or livestock or have it “Play” – which generally performs a little dance.

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