Farm Animals (quest)

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Level: 38
Quest Type: Solo
Repeatable? Yes (Slaying)
Start: Blossom Manor Lady Qin
Finish: Blossom Manor Lady Qin
Prerequisites: Unknown


Quest Chain: N/A




  1. Kill 35 Violent Wild Wolves and 30 Red Eyed Wolves
  2. Talk to Lady Qin

Quest Text

Start Text

""Those wolves are coming again!" Lady Qin frowns and says.
"I've been responsible for cooking for everyone in Blossom Manor for decades.
" "A group of wolves in the northwest of Misty Dock have been attacking our poultry for long. They're more aggressive these days."
"All pupils in Blossom Manor are engaged in the fights with Xing Men. No one can drive these wolves away."
"Young Miss, you're very skillful. If you're willing to kill some wolves, I will pay you as rewards.""

Reward Text

""I takes us a lot of effort to raise these pigs and cows. Wolves often kill them and drag them away."
"This group of wolves live in the northwest of Misty Dock. You can see them after crossing the bridge. Please be careful." Lady Qin reminds you again."

Post-Quest Text

""Poultry is not attacked frequestly nowadays. I think it must because of you, Young Miss."
"Don't be shy, you deserve the rewards!"
"Don't be hurried to take off. Try the food I cook." Lady Qin treats you friendly."
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