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Fame is given to a player who complete quests given by NPC's. A certain amount of Fame may be the prerequisite for certain items.



Players can become famous with various Factions.

When players have accumulated enough Fame Points with a certain Faction, players are able to purchase unique items from vendors.

Player may view their acquired Fame by clicking Reputation located via mini-map Reputationicon.jpg


Regional Fame

For a list of Region Fame Vendors see, Region Fame Vendors

Regional Fame is obtained by completing Quests in a certain zone which are given by any of the NPCs in the area.

  • Regional fame can only be used in the area they were obtained.

Once a player have acquired enough Fame points, they may purchase unique items from Region Fame vendors.

  • Players may find Region Fame vendors in towns indicated by a Green Smile icon on the map.

General fame

See Fame Vendors for a list, Aven Fame Vendors

General Fame is obtained by turning in Items, such as Terrified Thought and Foolish Thought to the specific and respective Faction NPC who is located in Aven.


Special fame

Special Fame is obtained by completing book quests, through and for the Curia Library or battlefield participation.

Players may purchase books from Merchants in each region or from Book Merchant Trebeck in Aven (316, 320).

  • Books also give players unique titles, Fortification scrolls, Gems, and potions.
  • Players may purchase Armor Enchants, Accessory Enchants, and Crafting Items from Mometria in Aven with Curia Fame.
  • Players may also purchase Secret Books for crafting Awakened Weapons with Curia Fame.

Guild fame

For more on Guild Missions see, Guild Missions

They give the guild more fame (guilds need a certain amount of fame to advance level). The lower level the quest, the less fame given.

  • Guild Fame is only available to those in Guild.
  • To increase your Guild Fame, players must purchase Guild Quest scrolls from Guild Quest Off. Kaiser in Aven or the from the Town Bulletin Board' in the Guild's Town.
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