Failed Experiment(3)

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Failed Experiment(3)
Find Lana Fairwind in Apulune and give Burned Magic Stones
Level and Location
Level Acquired  :24
Quest Location  : Deities Religious Body(Apulune)
Monsters and NPCs
Monsters  : None
NPCs Involved  : Creath Queston,Lana Fairwind
Rewards Gained
Experience Gained  : 748
Gold Awarded  : 1500
Items Gained  : None
Next Quest : Failed Experiment(4)


Creath gives you back the stones and sends you to Apulune

Quest start:


Lana Fairwind is found in the Deities Religious Body(Apulune)


Lana looks like a Priest:


After you finish, there will be one final quest for you. Failed Experiment(4)

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