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Choose your side and make a stand, but choose wisely. There's no telling what the outcome will be.


Free Knights


We don't need to be burdened by our past. It's time to make a change. All righteous beings yearn for (and deserve) freedom. That is what we promise to all: freedom. We will take that freedom by force if necessary.


"Freedom Through Fire"


Heirs to a ruined world, the Free Knights are mostly second and third generation Neo-Humans. Born naturally, away from the cloistered society of the Ark, they are more independent and unpredictable than their mechanically-cloned kin.

Mission Statement

For too long, we have lived in darkness. The Mother is an artificial construct, built by the same fools that doomed mankind. She is a glorified machine - and a machine should not be allowed to choose our fate. Without change, without growth, our species will never survive.

Our true hope lies in the Arkana. The Mother fears them, and keeps them chained to their commanders. But if we promised to release them, think of what they could achieve.

The time to strike is now. We will retake the surface, and rid ourselves of the mistakes of the past. With the Arkana at our side, as equals, we will leave the darkness behind us and step into the light of a new age.

Royal Guards


The Royal Guards defend against threats to humanity from within and without. We are the watchmen, we are the guardians, we will restore mankind to its rightful rule over Earth.


"We Rise Again."


Predominately Neo-Human clones, the Royal Guards are a direct result of the Ark project. Armed and educated by the advanced AI known as Mother, they are dedicated to protecting humanity's return.

Mission Statement

We are the Mother's children. When humanity fell, it was she who brought us back from extinction, and she who created the Arkana to protect us. With her guidance, we will defeat the Narak and reclaim the surface.

But the Mother’s gifts come at great cost. Even now, with our world in ashes, there are those who would use the Arkana for their own gain. Every commander knows the violence contained within Arkana. Without proper guidance, they would destroy us and themselves.

Humanity already failed once; it cannot be allowed to do so again. We are the Royal Guards. We are mankind’s last defense, from threats within and without. And we will not go down without a fight.

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