Eternal Life IV

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Name: Eternal Life IV

Level: 7

Location: Fegeral Valley

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Deln. Requires completion of Eternal Life III.

Next Quest: Eternal Life V

Legend: Fegeral Valley Sec 3: Eternal Life


"Sour Fruit Bats dwell in the east of Torelia, and Iron Mine Golems live at the mountain pass in the southeast."
"You may find them difficult to battle, but you must take them on."
"The trial will increase your will and bring us closer to being able to read the hieroglyphs," Deln asserted.
"When you feel stronger, Athena Marie will help you interpret the magic hieroglyphics."


-Athena Marie-

"Have your heart and will been strengthened?" Athena Marie still looked at you with the same indifferent eyes.
"These are two important tasks. No matter which journey you take, you should never forget to strengthen your heart and will. With those attributes, you will be able to overcome all difficulties."
"Never give up, Zumi child."


-Athena Marie-

"The magic hieroglyphics on the paper have begun to recombine. Seems you've finished your trial." The paper emitted a soft blue light in Athena Marie's hands.
The warm blue light went out, and everything returned to normal.
"Okay, let's see what's in it now."
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