Eternal Life III

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Name: Eternal Life III

Level: 6

Location: Fegeral Valley

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Deln. Requires completion of Eternal Life II.

Next Quest: Eternal Life IV

Legend: Fegeral Valley Sec 3: Eternal Life


"Before I tell you how to strengthen your will, you should learn to use combat techniques properly."
"You can practice on Ancient Defenders at Torelia and Greedy Gremlins to the northeast."
"Learn steady combat techniques, and bring back Greedy Gremlins' Talons and Defenders' Pit Pieces to prove your growth," Deln instructed.



"You should pay attention to the Greedy Gremlin's every action and move; it's quite agile." Deln taught you the techniques in detail.
"You can get the better of it when it starts to attack. Deal it a fatal blow!" Deln demonstrated.
"Ancient Defenders have a lot of strength, but their joints are weak. Dodge their attack and take the opportunity to hit their vulnerable points."



"Yes, these are Gremlin Talons and Pit Pieces." Deln nodded with satisfaction.
"You now have a better understanding of combat techniques."
"Let's learn how to strengthen your will." Deln allowed himself a small, serious smile.
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