Eternal Life I

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Name: Eternal Life I

Level: 3

Location: Fegeral Valley

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Dir. Haman. Requires completion of Eccentric Inventor III.

Next Quest: Eternal Life II

Legend: Fegeral Valley Sec 3: Eternal Life

-Dir. Haman-

"A string of hieroglyphs appeared on the Blue Crystal when I used the Electronic Device, but at that moment, the crystal shattered," explained Director Haman apologetically.
"But I was able to copy the hieroglyphs for you. According to my study, these have never been used by any civilization."
"I'm guessing these are magic hieroglyphics. It's a pity I don't know any magic."
"Go to the Seren's Meadow. There is an Oracle from the Central Mainland there. Perhaps she can understand these hieroglyphs."


-Athena Marie-

"I can smell the fumes of greatness on you." Magician Athena Marie's eyes were distant, but you didn't feel uncomfortable.
"Filaments of eternal power drift around you... though weak, I'm sure they represent light and hope." Athena Marie closed her eyes and braced herself. A wave seemed to wash over her.
"I'm sorry, but I have to concentrate on divining the source of your power."


-Athena Marie-

You handed over the paper with the hieroglyphs on it to Athena Marie.
"Where did you get them?" Athena Marie asked with surprise. "These are ancient magic hieroglyphs. There are few people in the world that could understand them."
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