Equipment Crafting

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This page covers the Equipment Crafting feature within Scarlet Blade.

There are two types of crafting:

  • Change the type of gear with kilos
    • Magic Kilo - can change a magic gear to a rare gear, stats are random
    • Uni Kilo - can change rare gear to a uni gear, stats are random, will not need to ID if already ID'ed
  • If you use gears instead of naraks:
    • Each gear +7 in narak slot for enhancement, its 10% per item so if you use 4 items at +7 you have a 40% more chance to up
    • Each +8 gear is 15% so 60% bonus to up with 4 of them
    • Each +9 gear is 20% so 80% bonus to up with 4
    • Each +10 gear is 25% so 100% bonus to up with 4
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