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For gathering materials see:Farming, Mining, or Summoning.

For Guild Merchandise see, Guild Merchants

For Racial Crafting see, Racial Crafting



Crafting in Eden Eternal allows you to make your own equipment you might not find elsewhere. Not all equipment may be crafted, and you may only wear one type of each equipment you make.

  • Please Note: The more advanced the item is, the higher chance failure will be.

Buying/Obtaining Blueprints

You may buy blueprints from Merchants in Aven, Guild Towns, as well as aquiring them from Trial Dungeons.

  • Some blueprints require special currency to buy such as Honor Stars.

For Work Lv2 and Below blueprints in Aven:

Equipment Merchants (Heavy, Cloth, and Light Armors); X:290, Y:551

Guitars and Staffs; X:254, Y:456.

Accessories; X:266, Y:523

Pharmaceuticals/Gems; X:276, Y:489.

  • To mold Work Lv2 Equipment and Weapons visit Kole X:256, Y:463 in Aven.
  • To mold Work Lv2 Potions and Gems visit Gurotath X:275, Y:496 in Aven.
  • To mold Work Lv2 Accessories Runes visit Rhiona X:293, Y:521 in Aven.

For Work Lv3 and Above blueprints in Aven:

Arena Weapon Formula; X:438, Y:384

DMG Light Armor; X:438, Y:384

Arena Heavy Armor; X:438, Y:384

Healing Light Armor; X:438, Y:384

Arena Accessory; X:438, Y:384

Capes/Cloaks (33-60); X:470, Y:366

Golden Gear; X:470, Y:366

Capes/Cloaks (63-Up); X:470, Y:366

Accessory Enchants; X:470, Y:366

  • Please Note:To mold Work Lv3 and up blueprints you need a Molding Master who can accept the assignment. You may find such Molding Masters in Guild Towns.

Blueprint Materials

  • Some materials you may gather from Farming, Mining or Summoning.
  • Fighting Elites will give you a chance to obtain rare materials.
  • Some materials are found in Territory Wars or Fame Shop.
  • Guild Towns also lease Merchants in which you may purchase assignments for rare items.


Blueprints, also known as Formulas, are used to create various equipment.

  • You may only use a blueprint once.
  • Blueprints cannot be traded.
  • Some blueprints require special materials obtained through the Arena and Territory Wars.
  • Higher level blueprints need a higher level molding master to make them.
  • All blueprints show the materials needed as well as what the finished product will be:


Making the Bluprint

1. Find materials needed for your desired blueprint. Some materials you can find by fighting Elites, or gathering.

2. Take your blueprint and materials to a Molding Master.

  • Note that the Molding Master may fail to make your desired item. You may decrease the chance of failing by using a charm.

3. Talk to the NPC and select Crafting Assignments.


4. Your assignment/blueprint will be highlighted in green. Simply place your assignment in the Use Item slot.

  • The percentage of success rate will show under the charm slot.

5. Click request if you have all the required materials.

Fame Item Shops

Aven also has Fame shops. These shops sell special equipment and materials that can be purchased with Fame. Fame may also be acquired by exchanging material with the desired Fame shop. Different amounts of Fame require different materials.

  • Arcanum Association: Rose/Fantasy/Mystery Stars, Ritual Books, Cloth Armor, & Grimoires.
  • Crystal Camel: Art/Magic/Amethyst Carvers, Orders, Light Armor, & Guitars.
  • Hammer: Separator, Analyzers, Docs, Great Swords & Hammers.
  • Pyrowind: Flame, Journal, & Heavy Armor.
  • Amber Eye Dew: Mold, Pulverizer, Proposals, & Light Armors.
  • Sage Stone: Potions, Missives, & Cloth Armors.
  • Silver Needle: Devil Sealing Hammer, Deep Sea Stone, Perpetual Stove, Fashion Catalogs, Rapiers & Shields.
  • Nature Seeker: Sun/Pure/Dawn/First Light Dew, Nature Records, & Light Armor.
  • Anc. Spirit Foll: Shaman's Prayer, Elder's Blessing, Prophet's Praise, Prophet's Tests, & Light Armor.
  • Mometria: Armor, Weapon, and Accessory Enchants.
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