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You will come across many weapons throughout your time and travels in the lands of Shaiya, progressing through those your character can use as you advance in level. But, there are a few that can not be bought from a Weapon Merchant or found as loot from a slain monster. These are the Epic items.

Every class will receive a quest from time to time that has the <Epic> tag. Upon completion of these quests, you will receive an item specifically tailored for your class. The base statistics of these items are better than other items of the same level and type and some even have a glow that distinguishes them from other common items.

Alliance of Light Union of Fury

Union of Fury

Icon Name Ele Level Class Atk Pwr Def Res STR REC DEX INT WIS LUC +HP +MP +SP
sxk7d2.jpg Ravage Thornaajhqs.jpg25 oaxbf9.jpg84-116-2054--4---
25eybtk.jpg Slayer Stormaajhqs.jpg35 oaxbf9.jpg-6 / -4-4------
11kv29z.jpg Nordein Flame Mountainn6dg9i.jpg45 oaxbf9.jpg150-208----------
2m603nk.jpg Iron Willaajhqs.jpg25 30bfxqu.jpg-16 / 8410----422--
25eybtk.jpg Skull Fearaajhqs.jpg35 30bfxqu.jpg-- / 54----4---
Nordein Egnisil Flamen6dg9i.jpg45 30bfxqu.jpg144-176----------
20fc8pt.jpg Rapid Fireaajhqs.jpg25 k3akk6.jpg66-73---20--10---
25eybtk.jpg Black Tigeraajhqs.jpg35 k3akk6.jpg+3-44-------
2mqosh5.jpg Nordein Flame Apisn6dg9i.jpg45 k3akk6.jpg119-150----------
Barrage Fireaajhqs.jpg25 bfflm0.jpg67-88---12--20---
25eybtk.jpg Snake Eyeaajhqs.jpg35 bfflm0.jpg+3-4-4------
Nordein Flame Javelinn6dg9i.jpg45 bfflm0.jpg186-256----------
12_3_4.png Isobaricaajhqs.jpg25 14m4aac.jpg67-82----2013----
25eybtk.jpg Spirit Thornaajhqs.jpg35 14m4aac.jpg-----44-65--
Nordein Chorus Flamen6dg9i.jpg45 14m4aac.jpg108-132----------
11uiaag.jpg Endure Flameaajhqs.jpg25 256cyl5.jpg67-82--3-1020----
25eybtk.jpg Siren Harpaajhqs.jpg35 256cyl5.jpg---4-4---65-
Nordein Fervor Flamen6dg9i.jpg45 256cyl5.jpg55-67-----42----

Alliance of Light

Icon Name Ele Level Class Atk Pwr Def Res STR REC DEX INT WIS LUC +HP +MP +SP
Marshal Prideaajhqs.jpg25 oaxbf9.jpg95-105-205-------
25eybtk.jpg Violent Stormaajhqs.jpg35 oaxbf9.jpg--4-4------
2rwartu.jpg Collandra's Frameaajhqs.jpg25 30bfxqu.jpg-16 / 4410----422--
25eybtk.jpg Safe Guardaajhqs.jpg35 30bfxqu.jpg--4----4---
1208.jpg Fatal Shearaajhqs.jpg25 k3akk6.jpg63-77---20--10---
25eybtk.jpg Silence Fireaajhqs.jpg35 k3akk6.jpg--44-------
Eagle Strikeaajhqs.jpg25 bfflm0.jpg67-88---12--20---
25eybtk.jpg Sharpnellaajhqs.jpg35 bfflm0.jpg--4-4------
Elfen Aqua Bow2wec848.jpg45 bfflm0.jpg120-158----------
Wind Stormaajhqs.jpg25 14m4aac.jpg67-82----2010----
25eybtk.jpg Black Moonaajhqs.jpg35 14m4aac.jpg-----44----
23981740be7b2d1d9f84ed06c79f325b4g.jpg Blind Devotionaajhqs.jpg25 256cyl5.jpg67-82----1020----
25eybtk.jpg Absorbianaajhqs.jpg35 256cyl5.jpg---4-4-----
Holy Elfen Aqua Staff2wec848.jpg45 256cyl5.jpg??-----42----

Note : All of the Lv45 Epic weapons also gain a one step attack speed increase, with the exeception of the Ranger & Assassin Lv45 Epics ( work in progress )

New Quest

A new quest has been introduced with Ep4 that allows players to change the element of their Lv45 Epic once. This is only possible AFTER killing the boss outlined in the quest. Once the boss is dead, you can return to the NPC that originally gave you the weapon and they will be able to change the element for you.

The weapon should be in your inventory, NOT equipped

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