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The Envoy's Path allows you to receive additional bonuses for your class.

Stats: Some Envoy's Path choices give you additional stats. These can include damage, critical (damage), health, evasion, movement speed, accuracy, and others.

Passive Abilities: As the name states, passive abilities from the Envoy's Path can include certain effects to happen in battle when something else happens. Some passive abilities that are not triggered by anything include an increased loot drop rate and experience gained.

Skills: There are a few skills to be obtained on the Envoy's Path. These skills are combo skills between a main class and a sub-class. These skills have 2 minute cooldowns.

  • Previously assigned Envoy's Path points can be reset for a cost of gold or silver in game.

Below is an example of an Envoy's Path. This Path is for the Grenadier class, which uses cannons.


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