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What is an Enhancement

Nobody wants to keep using the same old raggedy weapon and armor through a long series of travels and adventures. The enhancement system will upgrade your weapon so that your equipment can grow in power as you grow in level. Every enhancement, however, is a risk. There is a chance that your equipment will be upgraded, in which case your item will be enhanced, grow stronger, and even gain special attributes. However, the flip side of the coin is that if it fails, your item to be enhanced will be destroyed.

Once you have upgraded your equipment a certain amount of time, even its physical shape changes. To start enhancing, you need the equipment to be enhanced, the enhancement scroll as well as the fee for enhancement.

How to Enhance Your Item

  • Step 1. Move to Enhancement Slot: Drag the item you want to enhance to the enhancement slot. You can also left double click the item or right click to move it automatically to the enhancement slot. Additionally, move the enhancement scroll to the designated enhancement scroll location. You cannot put the enhancement scroll in its slot before the enhancement item has been placed.

  • Step 2. Press Enhance: Press the enabled Enhance button to start the enhancement process!


Think before you enhance your item! Enhancements can be risky. If the process fails, your item WILL be destroyed. We strongly recommend using special items to boost your chance of success or protect the item from damage.

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