Elastic Silk (REP)

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Spider's can be found down in the mountains in the southern part of map. A good combination quest is Spider Phobia (REP) as you can get credit for the spider kills as well.

Quest Text
"It must be hard for you to imagine so many creatures living at crater, seen spiders south of fire altar? They not only live under severe heat, but also are specially adapted to it."

"I experimented on their spider silk, and accidentally found spider silk on metal stick became very flexible after heating , and ideal spring material."

"To conduct more experiments, I'm short of spider silk, NAME, if you have some on you, I'd be happy to buy them!'

Reward Text
"I'm using a lot of it in my machines, though still in trial stage, I believe I can find other applications of spider silk springs."

"As for the new material, I've applied for patent in Jale."

"For subsequent demand of experiments and papers, my stock of spider silk is running dangerously low."

Post-Quest Text
"This is an inspiring discovery, and will set another milestone for material engineering."

"So, be sure to bring me spider silk if you've come to spare. Experiments run through them like crazy."

Suggested Level: 57
Start: Tabamoore, Blakatoa Range
(x: 984, y: 508)
Finish: Tabamoore, Blakatoa Range
(x: 984, y: 508)
Choose From:
Quest Chain:

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