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For more Events such as GM, Trivia, and Boost events see Eden Eternal Official Events


Holiday Events

Please check Eden Eternal Official Events for upcoming Holiday Events

Special Events

Please check Eden Eternal Official Events for upcoming Special Events

Recommended Events

For a list of Recommended Events see, Recommenced Events

Regular Events

Regular Events are events that occur all day. They can be completed in a team or individually.

Alpaca Tokens and Mystery Capsule Machines

The alpaca farm has several mystery capsule machines. Finish repeatable quests or guild dungeon quests in the Goss Mountains or after to receive Alpaca tokens. Collect the to get a mystery capsule. Mystery capsules contain Lost Empire fashion and other useful items.

  • Copper, Silver, and Gold Capsule machines are for players under level 50, 60, and 70. These machines are located in Tranquil Hill and Highlands.
  • Mystery capsule prizes include Lost City fashion, Safety Stone, Gathering Aid, World Call, EXP and Loot Charms, and various clothing dyes.

Have your Own House

When players reach level 35, they can rent houses in Aven, Golden City, or Guild Town. Players can decorate their houses from designer furniture collected all over the world, and host parties for their friends. And mind you, no one will call the police for being too loud, or having too much fun.

  • Players may decorate their houses with furniture from all over the world as well as host parties.
  • If you fail to pay your rent for 10 weeks, your belonging will be repossessed. If the Guild disbands, your home will be moved to Aven.

Friendship Institute Gala

A group of peace loving Zumi sought a way for all living beings to coexist in harmony. Some of the Zumi decided to make peace and live with a monster, but none have returned from their journey. While they were gone, we made a remarkable breakthrough. If you can give the Asbee Crystal to the researcher, the Zumi dream may become a reality.

  • Players 11 and on may turn in Asbee crystals to FWR Center Directer for prizes. These Directors are located in the corresponding level regions.
  • Asbee Crystals may be collected form fighting Elites.

Overview of Town quests

To maintain harmony in the world of Eden Eternal, we urge all of the Eternal Guardians to look out for one another. Together, we can create a fun and enjoyable environment.

  • Player must be in a guild.
  • Visit the corresponding town for the quests, and complete.

Battle Eternal

"Arena matches are a tradition in Aven. Originally a small game among a few people, they're now huge events," Wee Rowan murmured passionately. A good Arena tests no only the participants' true talent, but also team chemistry. The ideal area spirit is one that doesn't get too cocky after a win or too frustrated after a loss.

See also Monster Battle for the monster arena.

  • Players will be placed into groups of three. When in the Monster Arena, players will be transformed into monsters.
  • Character level 30 or above, and once in the arena players cannot switch classes.

Intro Trial, Intermediate Trials, Advanced Trials, and Expedition Trials.

Those who have received help from Eternal Guardians will agree that they are true heroes. Evildoers who have been bested by the Eternal Guardians rue the day they arrived here and despise their very souls. These evildoers have become stronger and more powerful by the day. Even the Saintly Knight can't control their wicked ways. You must help stop them.

  • Party must become a Raid.
  • Players must be level 50 or above and complete the corresponding dungeons main quest to enter trial.
  • You may enter 10 times a day.

War: Aven

The Pirates of the North Sea have threatened to make a bloodbath of the City of Aven; they wish to claw their way to the treasures hidden there, and they do not care who they kill in the process. The Imperial Guard contacted Eternal Guardians to defend Aven against the pirates.

  • Pirate Scouts may appear near Aven's Harbors. Defeat them, and more will come. When you've defeated 7 Pirate Scouts, their leader will appear. Defeat One-Eye Roger to obtain prizes.
  • The top four players will have their statue placed in Aven, until the next battle.
  • Prizes include Weapon Chest, Foundry map, Treasure map, Color chest, Merchant Mysterious box 2, 2 Eternal Coins, Asbee Crystals, Pirate Enchant Formula Chest 1&2.

Daily Tarot Reading

The Tarot Card Reader has finally arrived in Aven! His journey was long and arduous, but the knew he'd make it in the end, what with being able to see the future and all. Blessed with the ability to see the secret intermingling of time and fate, he has guided and shaped the lives of thousands through his magical Fortune slips. Visit Morlin in Aven if you'd like to learn about your own future...

  • You may receive a fortune slip from Morlin in Aven (394, 469) every 4 hours.
  • The Fortune Slips boost class CP by 10% for DEF, Melee DMG, Ranged DMG, Healing, or Magic DMG.
  • You may receive one of the boost randomly.

Past Events

Please Note: This section is for past events that are currently not active in Eden Eternal.

Welcome to Open Beta!

  • Log in to the Aeria Games website.
  • Enter the key code provided in your Open Beta notification email below.
  • Log into Eden Eternal and claim your great starter items in the Item Mall.

Prizes include 20 World Calls, 1 Exp Charm and 1 Class Exp Charm!

Save The Alpacas!

  • Donations can be made through AP towards a woman's alpaca farm.

Alpaca Dress-Up!

  • Using a template alpaca dress it up this alpaca however you see fit--a new haircut, a sassy swimsuit, a sophisticated tuxedo--it's up to you! Please draw your entries by hand--on a computer, or you can print it out and draw on it there.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the following:

Participation: World Call (Non-Trade) x2, Random Clothes Color x1

5 Raffle Winners: 5-slot Pack, Safety Stone (Non-Trade) x5

Dress up your alpaca quickly with creativity before the event ends !!

Eden Eternal Sweepstakes

  • Those who hit level 10 in Eden Eternal will get a chance to earn free Alienware laptops and other cool prizes if they've signed up for sweepstakes from specified sites. The event lasts until June 30 at 2:34 PM PST.

Eden Eternal's Halloween Event!

  • Visit TroubleMaker Imp Angel in Aven at (310, 392) to receive quests.
  • The first quest has players visit other areas to collect their side quest books. For this quest the Book Merchant Trebek that was originally in Aven has been removed.
  • The second quest has the player defeat Pumpkineer Imps which appear after killing random mobs. Players must kill 5 Pumkineer Imps and collect 5 Filched Candy.
  • The third quest has the player participate in 3 Arena PvP matches.

For each completed quest, players will be rewarded with a "Imp's Trial" token and a bag that can distribute random pieces of candy that can either give a temporary buff or negative status. The Imp's Trial Tokens can be redeemed in stacks of 20 for themed pumpkin costume hats.

Holiday/Christmas Event

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

  • Go to Rudolph located at (304, 392) who will give you a quest to find conspicuous barrels located in Aven. Specifically, ones that have Christmas Yule Spirits in them. They're quite ugly, and believe me you'll know when you've found one. Sometimes barrels don't have anything in them, but most of the time they do. Do not be discouraged if you do not find a Christmas Yule Spirit the first few times, just keep trying. Once you've defeated three of them, run back to Rudolph.
  • Next, go to Rudolph to get a second quest. Now your job is to deliver presents to all the poor children who otherwise would not get gifts. Be warned, You cannot acquire the second quest unless you have the Santa buff on, the Santa boss can remove this buff as well as mounts! So be careful!

Head to Limestone Mountain first and find Tommy. Next, head to Tranquil Hill and find Sunny. And finally, go to Rainbowfall Forest and find Henry.

  • When finished, go back to Rudolph to complete the quest.

Prizes include a Holiday Lunchbox that gives a Candy Cane, a Gingerbread Man, or a Roasted Turkey. These will help defend against the Holiday Boss that appears in Aven. You will also receive a Festival Certificate. Collecting enough of these will allow you to receive Christmas Reindeer Antlers, Dasher Reindeer Antlers, Reindeer Antlers, or Christmas Candy Cane.

Valentine's Event!

In this event players will be given the chance to collect Rose Petals which they can exchange for prizes and a buff to boost a few stats.

  • Players may randomly encounter Contretemps Thorner after defeating mobs. Kill the Contretemps Thorner and it will drop a bag containing a Rose Petal.

Contretemps Thorner also have a chance of dropping True Love Gift Boxes!

  • Once you've collected 3 Rose petals, Rossa will exchange them for 1 Flutterleaf Rose each day. Once you have collected 10 Flutterleaf Roses you can exchange them with Rossa to receive a Heart's Desire Rose Bouquet.
  • Or, Players can exchange 20 Rose Petals at Passio to receive the Love Power buff.
  • Players also have an opportunity to battle special Valentine's Day bosses Kani and Vinski! They appear in Aven at (449, 525) and will remain in this general area until defeated. Be warned these monsters turn into Pride and Bias when provoked. Defeating these bosses give you a chance to receive a True Love Gift Box!

Prizes from the True Love Gift Box include Heart's Desire Rose Bouquet, Pink Champagne Rose Bouquet, Happy Grandpa Lozenge, Happy Grandma Lozenge, Puppy Love He-Candy, and Puppy Love She-Candy.

Easter Event

Let's paint some eggs!

  • Players will receive two daily quests from Patrice located at Patrice in Aven at X315, Y388 next to the Auction House. You may select either of the quests first.
  • L15. Separating Bunny Eggs and Bird Eggs, our beautiful Patrice will give you Magical Bunny Ears that when used will transform you into a bunny!

As incredible as it is to be transformed into a bunny, this, however is not all that this quest entails. Once you have your Magical Bunny Ears head to Limestone Mountains! You will be entering the Andrew V. Mine located in on the top right of the Limestone Mountains map.

  • Once inside the Andrew V. Mine use your Magical Bunny Ears to transform into a bunny and start the dungeon! While in bunny mode you will be given 2 very special skills. Crouching and Hidden Bunny - This spell will protect you from the Peepers for 8 seconds. Spring's Here - This will increase your movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. The goal of this dungeon is not to fight the peepers but to avoid them. Navigate your way around them to the end of the dungeon to reach the Painted Bunny Egg.
  • Select L15. Egg Decorating Master, our sweet Patrice will ask you to help Farmer Eastbourne paint Easter eggs. Head to X445, Y398 in Aven to help Eastbourne paint Easter eggs. Eastbourne has 3 paintbrushes available for you to help him paint eggs. Request a Red, Yellow or Blue Paintbrush from Eastbourne. This paintbrush will then appear in your inventory. Right click it and you will notice 3 skills in your skill bar.
  • Return to Patrice who will reward you with 1 Spring Gift Basket and 1 Spring Deity's Seed.

The Spring Gift Basket gives you a chance to receive Blue Butterfly Headdress (Alpha), Yellow Butterfly Headdress (Alpha), Blue Butterfly Headdress, Yellow Butterfly Headdress, and Spring Deity's Blessings.

  • Collect 14 Spring Deity's Seeds and take the to Patrice to trade them for a Bunny paintbrush. Or exchange Spring Deity's Seeds for a Spring Gift Basket.
  • Players may also team up to fight the Easter Event boss that spawns in Aven. Defeating this monster gives you additional Spring Gift Baskets.

Friday the 13th Bad Luck Event

It's Friday the 13th! That means a day of broken mirrors, walking under ladders, and horrifying monsters destroying everything in their path- in other words- bad luck! But hey, at least you have a chance to win some cool stuff to counteract that bad luck.

  • At various times throughout the day Angry Flame Spirits will spawn in Aven, channel 3.
  • If players happen to die to one of these monsters, take a screenshot and post it in the thread, making sure to show both characters corpse AND the Flame Spirit. (As always, there is no EXP loss from dying in Aven).
  • Players will then be entered into a drawing to win a cool prize. Make sure to take the screenshots quickly, as the Flame Spirits won't remain in one place for long!

Jolly Tree Festival

The Jolly Tree Festival is a beloved holiday about appreciating and being thankful for what we have. It also signals the end of one year, but the beginning of another.

  • Players can receive two quests from Magic Baker Manager Chocotastic daily. Complete them to receive Appreciation Gifts which may be traded for Festive Holiday Gift or Gingerbread Man from Cake Lover Ganache.
    • Trade 3 Appreciation Gifts for a Festive Holiday Gift.
    • Trade 18 Appreciation Gifts for a Gingerbread Man.
  • Players may also receive Anger Tokens or Festive Holiday Gifts from defeating Angry Robot Jhonny Five. Trade Anger Tokens for the Just Smile status from Cake Lover Ganche.
  • Nasty Claus will appear in Aven every 3 hours. Defeat him to receive a Festive Holiday Gift.

Halloween Event 2014

Halloween seemed to sneak up on the residents of Aven like a black cat at midnight, but they are now eager to decorate the town with spooky flair.

  • Players can receive 3 daily quests from Bidot and Wife Shiya and complete them for Pumpkin coins. (322, 387)
    • Trade 5 pumpkin coins for a pumpkin snack sack.
    • Trade 7 pumpkin coins for a spooktacular halloween gift box.
    • Trade 30 pumpkin coins for 1 Pumpkin Lantern.
  • Players may also receive pumpkin coins and a holiday gift box from defeating Frakengrue in Aven every 3 hours.
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