Echo Cave

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Echo Cave
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Sub Location of:
Ancient Forest
Location Type:
Required Level:
Exp Level Range:
40 - 50
Echo Cave is the forth instance in Grand Fantasia, located in Ancient Forest. The Mission Order can be done from levels 40 to 50, but the instance can be done at any level. All Echo Cave boss auests must be completed in order to gain access to Adrian's Tomb. The style of the quests here are like the ones in the Deserted Temple, where the quests are taken one by one in order, but both mobs and boss quest drops here are required to complete quests. Sivalee is not included in the main quests.

map04.png Nearest Soul Preservation Point: Ancient Forest (675 , 150)8

map03.png Nearest Teleport: Ancient Forest

map15.png Mission Order: Levels 40 - 50

map16.png Quests:
A Sad SOS Message
Emergency Assault: Draze
Adrian and Basse
Tragic Women

NPC's: Echo Cave NPC's
Quests: Echo Cave Quests
Monsters: Echo Cave Monsters
Draze Cave Crusher
Shiva Earth-Rasping Dark Worm
Sivalee Demon of Echoes
Basse Mourning Banshee
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