Eccentric Inventor I

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Name: Eccentric Inventor I

Level: 2

Location: Fegeral Valley

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Tanor. Requires completion of Awakening V.

Next Quest: Eccentric Inventor II

Legend: Fegeral Valley Sec 2: Eccentric Inventor


"This is a special crystal. Ask Administrator Marco; he knows about it."
"He is the most educated man in Fegeral Valley or perhaps the world. His inventions have promoted the development of the southwest area."
"He volunteered to go to Ghasia and work as the administrator there."
"Please bring this jar of Oil to him." Tanor handed you a jar. "It was ordered by Marco for his Robot Mouse Eleanor. She needs some maintenance."



"Eleanor thanks you," Eleanor said in a stiff, inhuman voice. "My joints are now back to optimum performance levels."
"_____ is Eleanor's friend. Eleanor likes _____."

-Adm. Marco-

"Young {Guardian}, what brings you here?" Marco looked puzzled. You took out the brilliant Blue Crystal from your pocket and gave it to him. It lost its luster immediately.
"Does the crystal emit light because of you?" Marco was incredulous.
"Maybe there is a special link between you and the crystal. I will need some time to study it."


-Adm. Marco-

"Did Tanor ask you to deliver the Oil? Thanks a lot. The air here is damp, and Eleanor rusts easily."
"The Mushroid population just keeps growing. I'll likely need to order more oil soon." Marco looked helpless.
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