Ebaster's Flames V

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Name: Ebaster's Flames V

Level: 39

Location: Avila Volcano

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Kelt. Requires completion of Ebaster's Flames IV.

Next Quest: Baram's Chasm I

Legend: Avila Volcano Sec 2: Ebaster's Flames


An hour passed. Kelt removed a shell from the coals, revealing a gaping hole burnt through it.
"Hmm. Fire-resistant, but only for short periods."
"Perhaps Belmont, the Turtle King, will have a stronger shell," Kelt muttered. He's been alive thousands of years..."
"I have other work to do. If you bring back Belmont's shell, give it to my assistant, Iena. She'll help you test it."



"Making a fire-resistant shield out of Belmont's Shell? That's a really creative idea."
"Generally speaking, I don't help strangers. But since Kelt asked me to help you, I can't refuse. We need to work quickly, though; I have a lot of research to do myself."
"Did you bring Belmont's Shell? Time is precious."



Hours passed, and Belmont's shell remained in the fire, completely unharmed. Iena added more Processed Coal, and the flames frew hotter.
"I can't believe the shell has survived this," she murmured.
"I think we've found the perfect material. I'll process it as soon as it cools down, then send it to Bach."
"In the meantime, I can finish some other experiments," Iena said with an eager grin.
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