Ebaster's Flames IV

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Name: Ebaster's Flames IV

Level: 39

Location: Avila Volcano

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Bach. Requires completion of Ebaster's Flames III.

Next Quest: Ebaster's Flames V

Legend: Avila Volcano Sec 2: Ebaster's Flames


"Since I have weapons that can destroy anything, I need shields that can withstand anything," Bach said, sweat dripping down his face.
"The Lava Turtles near the volcano drink lava and eat burning rocks. Their shells are very heat-resistant and would be great shields. Drake will need one to fight Ebaster."
"If you can get some Lava Turtle Shells, please give them to Kelt to process."



"Oh, not again! I have so much research to do. Can it wait?"
You explained that Bach wants a fire-resistant shield.
"That's absurd! Unless... It may be feasible if we use Lava Turtle Shells. If they can live on molten rocks and lava, they must be fire-resistant."
"Did you bring some Lava Turtle Shells? Let's see what we can do." Kelt took a shell, adjusted his spectacles, and examined it closely.



"This is truly remarkable! I've never seen such fire-resistant materials."
"Let's see just how high a temperature it can withstand." Kelt lit some Processed Coal and placed a Lava Turtle Shell on it.
"Now we wait and see."
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