Ebaster's Flames III

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Name: Ebaster's Flames III

Level: 39

Location: Avila Volcano

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Kelt. Requires completion of Ebaster's Flames II.

Next Quest: Ebaster's Flames IV

Legend: Avila Volcano Sec 2: Ebaster's Flames


"After processing, the coal at its highest temperature can actually evaporate iron. It's ready for Bach, now."
As you turned to leave, Kelt seized your arm and offered a report.
"Please give this Ground Heat Report to Wizard Raist for me."
"It's pretty technical, but basically, we wanted to find the cause of the eruption. We've only been able to detect the ground's surface temperature, though."



You handed Raist Kelt's Ground Heat Report.
"I can't find the cause of the eruptions from this," Raist said.
"We all used to live in Baltaroi. But it's been occupied by Ebaster, and Zealot Hunters have taken over the outskirts."
"Legend has it there was a powerful Flame Crystal in the Avila Volcano. During an earthquake, the crystal tumbled into Baram's Chasm."
"We need it to fight Ebaster."


"Nice to see you again, _____," Bach said.
"How's Kelt? I hope his eccentricities didn't bother you. Haha!" Bach laughed so loudly that all the passersby stared.
"Oh, sorry. I can't help laughing when I remember the first time I met Kelt."
"I can't wait to get started making my weapons. I can't use this special steel without processed coal. Hand it over!"


  • 2 gold
  • 533 silver
  • 75978 EXP
  • 200 Fire-Eyes Followers fame


"This coal is processed perfectly. Kelt might be weird, but he's meticulous about his work."
"Thanks for getting the coal. I can get started on the weapons now." Logan wiped the sweat from his brow.
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