Ebaster's Flames II

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Name: Ebaster's Flames II

Level: 39

Location: Avila Volcano

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Kelt. Requires completion of Ebaster's Flames I.

Next Quest: Ebaster's Flames III

Legend: Avila Volcano Sec 2: Ebaster's Flames


"It'll take a while to process the Geothermal Coal. While you're waiting, can you do me a favor?" Kelt grinned.
"The Volcanic Statue and Hades Statue near Baram's Chasm have come to life! I want to study them to learn how, but I'm a scientist, not a warrior, and they've become very violent."
"Can you get the Burning Stone and the Boiling Stone from the statues so I can analyze them? It won't be easy."



Kelt loaded the Geothermal Coal into a furnace, warmed it, then sprinkled a strange powder on it. Heat blasted out from the open furnace as the powder touched the flames.
"It will be ready soon," Kelt said, wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.
"Did you manage to get the stones I asked for? You didn't forget, did you? You look like you have a very small brain."



Kelt took the stones from you.
"Oh, they're already cooling down and losing whatever energy they have. I'll have to hurry."
"The coal is processed, but you'll have to wait while it cools down a little." Kelt scrambled to set up some research equipment.
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