Ebaster's Flames I

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Name: Ebaster's Flames I

Level: 39

Location: Avila Volcano

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Bach. Requires completion of Volcanic Ecology V.

Next Quest: Ebaster's Flames II

Legend: Avila Volcano Sec 2: Ebaster's Flames


"Wow, an outsider that's still breathing. And moving. Usually you only see outsiders strung up and being pecked at by crows." Bach grinned.
"I'm forging weapons for the war, but I need Geothermal Coal to melt this refined steel."
"There's some near Baram's Chasm, but it's dangerous around there. If you're not too scared, maybe you can get some."
"Give it to Kelt for processing."



"Uncle Bach said another outsider was visiting. I'm also an outsider. I come from Goss Mountains."
"Never expected to see you still alive, though!" Kelt laughed.
"I won't bore you with scientific details you won't understand, but my research indicates that Geothermal Coal from near Baram's Chasm can produce high temperature flames. Processing it will make it last longer."
"So where is it?"


  • 2 gold
  • 533 silver
  • 75978 EXP
  • 200 Fire-Eyes Followers fame


"I'm surprised. It seemed scientifically impossible for a creature of your size to be so brave," Kelt said, sizing you up.
"Perhaps you can help us. We need brave people."
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