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For more information on dyes or where to obtain them see, here

This article includes outfit and headwear dyes.


Random Dye List

Icon Dye No. Possible Colors
randomdye1.png 1 Apricot, Peacock Blue, Forest Green, Pale Blue
random_clothes_color2.gif 2 Light Gray, Orange, Purple, Aquamarine Blue
random_clothes_color3.gif 3 Silver Gray, Deep Purple, Apricot, Powder Blue
random_clothes_color4.gif 4 Coral Pink, Ocean Green, Green, Mustard Yellow
random_clothes_color5.gif 5 Pink, Gray Green, Soil Yellow, Apple Green
random_clothes_color6.gif 6 Pale Peach, Midnight Blue, Burnt Orange, Lavender
random_clothes_color7.gif 7 Sangria, Yellow, Russet, Olive
random_clothes_color8.gif 8 Saffron, Peacock Green, Sunshine Yellow, Redwood
random_clothes_color9.gif 9 Red, Grass Green, Army Green, Brown
random_clothes_color10.gif 10 Dark Grey, Royal Purple, Purplish Red, Deep Green

Specific Dye List

Icon Title Color
yellow_color_clothing.gif Yellow
eggplant_color_clothing.gif Eggplant
coral_color_clothing.gif Coral Pink
sage_color_clothing.gif Sage
dark_grey_color_clothing.gif Dark Grey
sand_yellow_color_clothing.gif Sand Yellow
orange_color_clothing.gif Orange
pale_blue.gif Pale Blue
lavendar_color_clothing.gif Lavender
midnight_blue_color_clothing.gif Midnight Blue

Costume Dyes

Icon Title Color
40128_icon.jpg Scarlet
40125_icon.jpg Grass Green
40124_icon.jpg Sea Green
40126_icon.jpg Sunshine Yellow
40130_icon.jpg Amethyst
40123_icon.jpg Peacock Blue
40122_icon.jpg Powder Blue
40127_icon.jpg Peach
40129_icon.jpg Dark Red
40121_icon.jpg Light Gray

Flashing Dyes

Icon Title Color
Summer Leaf Hat Dye Forest Green & Sunshine Yellow
icon_dyeing03.jpg Dark Red & Coral Pink
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