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For class outfits see, Outfits

For a list of Dyes see, Dye List

Dyes are a way of giving your armor the ultimate paint job, and can be used at any time.



In Eden Eternal, you unlock cool-looking new outfits by leveling your class, not by gathering gear. A way to personalize your class gear is by dying them.

Dyes may be obtained through quests, monster drops, or purchased from a dye merchant.

  • There are two types of Dyes: Clothing and Head-gear.
  • If you switch classes your custom color scheme will remain intact.


Dye types

Some dyes are available through Random Dyes. These dyes have a chance to randomly dye the selected gear.

Random dyes may be obtained through beginner quests or Item Mall. See below for Random Dye chart.

Costume Dyes are used to dye a players Costume.

  • Costume Dyes may be obtained through Crystal Altar or Item Mall.
  • Costume dyes will have a star so show the player they are for a Costume.
  • Like other dyes, Costume dyes are separated by clothing and head-gear.


Flashing dyes are dyes that flash two colors.

  • Flashing dyes may not be used to dye Costume dyes, unless indicated by a star.
  • Flashing dyes may be obtained through Alchemy or the Crystal Altar.



If a player wishes to change the gear back to it's original color, they may use corresponding decolorizer to change to the original color.

Note: Like Dye, decolorizers are separated by: Clothing and Head-gear. Make sure to use the corresponding decolorizer.


Dye Merchants

When a player begins, Dye Merchants sell their dyes so players may dye their beginner gear.


  • Clothing dye may be bought from Lady Rainbow.

Please Note: Clothing dye bought from Lady Rainbow may only be used under level 15.

  • Head-gear dye may be bought from Lord Rainbow.

Please Note: Head-gear dye bought from Lord Rainbow may only be used under level 25.

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