Dungeons (3 man and 5 man)

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Dungeons are instanced adventures that allow parties of 3 or 5 to enter in an attempt to conquer the denizens inside and complete the associated quest.


3 Man Dungeons

5 Man Dungeons

8 Man Dungeons

Dungeon Options

It is also possible to run dungeons solo or in a party in the Aeria Games release of Eden Eternal.
There are two modes for the dungeon, chosen from a menu that appears when entering the portal to the dungeon.

Limited Dungeons

  • Intended for one to three players.
  • Main storyline quests can only be completed in limited mode.
  • Dungeon can only be run in this mode twice per day.
  • Monsters are weakened in limited dungeons, making them easier to solo.
  • Monsters will still give experience and silver and drop items.

Unlimited Dungeons

  • Intended for a party.
  • Can be run up to 10 times a day.
  • Guild quests and dungeon dailies can only be completed in unlimited mode.
  • Monsters and bosses are greatly strengthened, providing a greater challenge for players.
  • Monsters will still give experience, money, and items.
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