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Basic Information

Dungeons are instances that can be done either solo or with a party. They require passcards to enter, varying in quantity, and there are typically one or two dungeons per map.

Currently accessible dungeons are:







Currently dropped Gear, listed by Gear-Level and Dungeons:

  • Gamma-Gear (RARE):

Drasilmarsh-Dungeon: - Lower-Gamma-Gear Lv20-24 (Weapon, Kneeguard, Gloves, Shoes)

Bitterstone Core-Dungeon: - Upper-Gamma-Gear Lv25-29 (Suit, Bangle, Helmet,rings)

  • Delta-Gear (Rare/Unique):

Subterranean Factory-Dungeon: - Lower-Delta-Gear Lv30-34 (Weapon, Kneeguard, Gloves, Shoes,earings)

Ignis Vortex-Dungeon: - Upper-Delta-Gear Lv35-39 (Suit, Bangle, Helmet,rings)

  • Zeta-Gear (Rare/Unique):

Narak Spaceship-Dungeon: - Upper-Zeta-Gear Lv45-49 (Suit, Bangle, Helmet,necklace's) may also drop safeguard stardust 6, safeguard stardust 7, ordinary jewel replicubes, tradeable pet hunger hacks (12 hrs) and narak relics

  • Kappa-Gear (Rare/Unique):

Abyssal Temple-Dungeon: - Lower-Kappa-Gear Lv50-54 (Weapon, Kneeguard, Gloves, Shoes)

The Acheron-Dungeon: - Lower-Kappa-Gear Lv50-54 (Weapon, Kneeguard, Gloves, Shoes,trinkets) may also drop unique laser scanners, tradeable pet hunger hacks (12 hrs)

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