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Aura Kingdom features a wide variety of dungeons for players to clear and be rewarded with amazing items.


Teleporting into Dungeons for Party Leaders

Have you recruited a party already? Great! Instead of having everyone change channels and walk over to the dungeon entrance, you can use the nifty dungeon teleportation tool! Follow these painless steps: (note: only party leaders can teleport the party)

1. Press J and select the dungeon you wish to teleport to.

2. With the dungeon selected, click the "Teleport" button on the bottom of the party recruitment window.

3. Your fellow party members will be presented with a prompt to teleport. ALL MEMBERS must consent to teleportation, or else no one will be teleported.

Solo Dungeons

Dimensional Hall

Please note that a maximum of 3 people are allowed inside of this dungeon. It is also possible to complete this instance with 2 instead of 3 people. Having over 3 party members will not allow a fourth person inside.

5-Man Dungeons

Otherworld Dungeons

Dragon Dungeons

Other Dungeons

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