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Currently trying a Crit Rate + Damage build with high Evasion. So far PvE has been smooth when running solo as well as in parties. Will report back for PvP and proper build specs.


Going Full out EVA and CRIT on my DEF and ATK Points. Doing great so far, really loving my build. My secondary class is a Sorcerer which aids me in long ranged attacks.


Attack Stats focused on 2 SPD and 1 DMG every 3 levels, then equally dividing points into DEF, HP, and EVA. I highly suggest the Honor Set when you hit lvl 50 and be sure to equip EVA Gear. Secondary Class is Gunslinger. Quite wonderful if you know how to use Combo Arts correctly. I suggest going for Dashing Shot and Deadly Hail as they are more useful until you get the Ultimate Skill for Deadly Pirouette. For an Eidolon, any companion that will give a good bonus to EVA or DEF is best as these will be your primary aid in Duels and Dungeons. Altogether a wonderful class.

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