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Currently trying a Crit Rate + Damage build with high Evasion. So far PvE has been smooth when running solo as well as in parties. Will report back for PvP and proper build specs.


Going Full out EVA and CRIT on my DEF and ATK Points. Doing great so far, really loving my build. My secondary class is a Sorcerer which aids me in long ranged attacks.


Attack Stats focused on 2 SPD and 1 DMG every 3 levels, then equally dividing points into DEF, HP, and EVA. I highly suggest the Honor Set when you hit lvl 50 and be sure to equip EVA Gear. Secondary Class is Gunslinger. Quite wonderful if you know how to use Combo Arts correctly. I suggest going for Dashing Shot and Deadly Hail as they are more useful until you get the Ultimate Skill for Deadly Pirouette. For an Eidolon, any companion that will give a good bonus to EVA or DEF is best as these will be your primary aid in Duels and Dungeons. Altogether a wonderful class.


This build is for duelists that are after level 50 and for pve. put 35 in damage and rest it critical. for def, put all points in def.


My current build at around level 48 consists of around 30 points being put into DMG, 20 into CRIT, and 10 into SPD. I personally suggest if you want a nice class to follow this stat build, to have your sub-class to be Ravager. For defense, I have no points in defense, as I have been able to wipe out some enemies my own level in a matter of 2-4 skills, depending on the combo I used. My eidolon at level 40 (Gigas) has been most helpful. Some enemies (at level 48) I can take out with a single use of my eidolon combo. I put most of my stats into EVA, as I lack defense, and the rest into hp. I also have both level 45 weapons that are obtained through fusion/recipes (These are a big help, and it only took me about 30 gold to get them). My armor consists of random parts I have looted from enemies, nothing special at this point. I went for all 3 Combo Skills directly without diverging on the Envoy's Path, I am now starting to go into damage based path passives. My masteries consist of mostly damaging ones, or ones that will weaken the enemy in areas that allow me to hit them harder.

P.S. This was written during server maintenence, therefore I could not tell what my stats were exactly, but I remember what they were roughly and how I planned it.

Le Pei

Ultimate PvE build. In short: 60 SPD rest DMG, 30 EVA rest HP. With the proper equipment (in my case, dual pistols since my sub is Gunslinger) and items set up, you will be able cap both SPD and EVA (which is not really necessary when playing in party, but of course you can).

At level 50, you can cap EVA without spending any points in EVA stats. Solo or party, death is out of consideration.

At level 60, with 30 EVA points spent you cap EVA easily; not to mention that you still have food, buff and Eidolon to boost your stats if you don't want to spend 30 points.

This guide including the proper gear set up, SS, EP and stats can be found here.

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