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In the current version of Shaiya(8 light/6 dark.)

The most important of these quests are the Dread Items quests.




WARNING if you cancel out of these quests you will not be able to get them back!!!

These series of quests are initiated by picking up and clicking on the starter item at the correct level(they may start automaticly if you already meet all the requirements when you pick it up).

The dread quests for the Alliance of Light are HM/UM only and are listed in order of level required:

The quest for the dread gauntlets is started by collecting the item; Poemas Mandolin. This can be aquired from killing Julia Dillun. You will be unable to start the quest till you have completed the quests Failed Experiment(1)-(4)(from Creath Question(NPC) and Catherine Parker(NPC)found near fedion on map 2) and have got to level 25.

The Dread boots quest can be initiated by clicking on the item; Monkey Skull recived by killing Swordtail Sealakel Fighters. This quest can be started at level 26.

Dread pants quest can be initiated by the item; Empty Trunk recived by killing Orc Robbers. This quest is at level 27.

And finally, Dread armor quest can be started by the item; Lens Bow recived by killing Priest Dunpmum(Giant Sealakel). This quest can be started at level 28.

  • (more comming in a few lvls)

Union of Fury

The Dread Muffler (Lv25) quest is initiated by the Starfumos Invasion Plans, dropped by Silverpick Goblin Priests. The priests can be found in the NW Silverpick camp that is southwest of Starfumos. Once you have acquired the mufflers, this series of quests will resume at Lv25 with Goblin Harassing Tactics (3) (Danger!).

The Dread Walker (Lv26) quest is initiated by the Unknown Necklace, dropped by Keuraijen Poison Mist Zombies
The zombies can be found in two locations :

  • North of Starfumos
  • Small rise west of Kalamus's House near the beginning of the path to Kalamus's House

The Dread Legging (Lv27) quest is initiated by Kobolts' Defense Item Drawing, dropped by Silverpick Goblin Hunters
The hunters can be found in the same areas as the zombies.

The Dread Protector quest is actually a set of four quests, obtained at Warune's Camp at Lv28. Warune himself asks you to compete in a 'hunting contest' and the first to return with three signs of approval gets the reward, the Lv32 dread protector. Warune has three associates nearby that will each give you a quest to kill a number of mobs, return to them to get the signs once the mobs have been slain. When you have all three signs, return to Warune to claim the reward.

  • Sankaritar - Kill 15 Keuraijen Big Antelope
  • Spike - Kill 15 Keuraijen Big Bison
  • Zest - Kill 5 Keuraijen Maneating Wild Boar

All of these can be found north of Ruber Chaos, on the road to the Dragons Dens



Arresting a Wanted Criminal (One)- Reward: level 18 noble top
Blackbeard's Secret Note- Reward: 1 nostrum of the following:
Question #1
Choice a
Choice b
If you picked Choice a: Question #2:
a-1 <- Reward:Defense Nostrum XT (+50 defense physical shooting and resistance for 1 hour. Effect remains even after death.)
a-2 <- Reward:Reward:Weapon Mastery Nostrum (Increase atk Speed for 1 hr)
a-3 <- Reward:Mana Remedy (Max MP +700 for 3 hours, vanishes after death)
If you picked Choice b: Question #2:
b-1 <- Reward:Health Remedy (Max HP +500 for 3 hr)
b-2 <- Reward:Clean Hit Nostrum XT (Physical, Shooting atk+65 for 1 hr)
b-3 <- Reward:Splint Nostrum (Increase Moving Speed for 1 hr)
(Fragment of a King's Wrath???)Level 60 epic


Dwarf Distinguishing Mark

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