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This page is outdated. Currently under construction.

Pearls are awesome, right? What's more awesome then pearls? More pearls! In this section we'll show you how to open up more slots then just four by using drills.

First off, we'll briefly explain that to unlock the first four pearls, you need:

  • First slot - Level 3 gear
  • Second slot - level 6 gear
  • Third slot - level 9 gear
  • Fourth slot - level 12 gear

However, the last two sub-pearl slots require no specific level. They simply require drills.

There's two different kinds of drills:

  • Junior drill - ddtpearls1.jpg
  • Senior drill - ddtpearls11.jpg

To use the drills, simply go to the armory and click the "decorate" tab.

As you'll see in the image below, the last two pearl slots can only be opened with drills.


To use the drills, just drag-and-drop the gear you want drilled and click the "drill" button under the slot you want drilled. Each drill will give 1-5 points. 400 points total are required to unlock it for level 1 pearls.

Once you unlock the first level, you may insert level one pearls just like any other pearl.

The max current level for sub-pearl slots is level 2 and that must be unlocked using senior drills using the same method as with unlocking level 1.

Once you're done with this, you'll have a great edge over anyone who doesn't have their sub-pearls unlocked. Image below is of all pearls unlocked, including both sub-pearls unlocked.


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