Dreams Come True

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Name: Dreams Come True

Level: 7

Location: Limestone Mtn.

Type: Book

Activation: Receive from Book: Dreams Come True. Requires completion of Never Give Up.

Legend: Legend: Dreams Come True

-Book: Dreams Come True-

Fruit of the Dreaming Tree
The tenacious spirit never faded from his eyes.
Though he experienced a lot and gained nothing, he still went after his dream. He made me look at life differently.
With Detector in hand, we went to the south area of Limestone Mtn., where groups of Limestone Forged and Major Horn Bison wandered about.
A sharp sound broke the silence. I was confused, but the young man shouted excitedly with the monitor in his hand.
- Complete the quest to continue reading.



You went to the Village Head Andrew with this book and asked him if the story was true.
"It happened long ago. I was just a young man," Andrew said.
"Make sure to weigh the importance of your dream in your heart. After you're sure what you want, keep going and don't look back."
"Oh, by the way, you can buy books from the merchants. You could learn a lot from them." Andrew smiled knowingly.

-Book: Dreams Come True-

After that day, the first mine in Limestone Mtn. was found. This discovery later boosted the development of the local economy. The once deserted Limestone Mtn. began to thrive.
A large number of miners moved here and built a mineral village. They named it after the young man, Andrew. From then on, the world knew it as Andrew village.


-Book: Dreams Come True-

Several days later, I returned to Aven. After I thought it over, I went to apply for the position of Church Librarian, which was a long-time dream of mine.
As Andrew said, I would regret it if I didn't do my best to realize my dream.
Dedicated to my best friend, Andrew.
The End.
Author: Chief Librarian, Heldin
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