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LOGODRAGONREBORN400x300.jpg Welcome to the Dragonreborn family !

No Pressure.....Fame.....Statue.....Town.....Quest.....Friends.....Family
Enjoy your stay!
Thank you!!!


Rank Info



Leader's Message

Hi there everyone. Welcome to our guild's wiki page.
Dragonreborn is a comeback guild from the original Dragonstrength, which fell apart from October to November 2011.
Our guild is generally quite laid back, but we do what we can to help each other out in dungeons and also try to earn a lot of fame to level up the guild (we are currently a 90% of the way to level 5 ^^). We don't have many members who do trials yet, but I believe the time will come when we will turn our attention to trials.
Everyone is welcome to join our guild by either whispering me or joining through our open guild feature. Thank you and see you around ^^.


Elder = Leader

Tiamat = Co-Leaders : Granted to active members at least level 50, preferably with 1600 fame.

Wyvern = 4th Level: Requires 800 fame

Drake = 3rd Level: Requires 400 fame

Wyrm = 2nd Level: 100 fame requirement for Hatchlings.

Hatchling = 1st Level: Given to members entering via Open Guild option.

Guild Info


Sapphire(formerly Emerald)

Date Founded

12-14-2011 (in Emerald)

Guild Level

Level 4

Guild Town


Guild Type

Public, Assist, Casual, and Open


Members inactive for over 3 weeks are considered for expulsion. Those who have contributed are given extra time. This is to promote activity.


Mainly english, but we also have mutes.



The Champions, Members

Feel free to add your name and info here.

Total0410 - Elder

Kizuri - Tiamat

Dragunkod - Tiamat

Latrail - Tiamat

tailchakra - Tiamat

Namzs - Tiamat

LilGren - Tiamat

wetdragon - Tiamat

Raven_tail - Wyvern

Aglyn - Drake

Kyoya21 - Wyrm


total250X178.jpg tailchakra250x178-1.jpg raventail250x178.jpg

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