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Before wasting time downloading and installing Shaiya, please verify that you meet the system requirements.


To download Shaiya go to Aeria Games web site. Click on games link at the top, select Shaiya, then click download.

- Alternatively you can just click here.

Once on the download page you can select to download from a number of sites or mirrors. Choose one, follow the instructions, and download.

The file is 954MB and can take 1-2 hours to download depending on your internet speed and the speed of the servers.


Installing Shaiya is fairly simple. Open the setup program and click next next next. At some point a window will pop up asking if you want to install Xfire.

Xfire is a voice over IP (voice chat, VoIP) software that allow users to talk to other users over the internet. You can find more information at Xfire web site.

Once the install is finished you can launch Shaiya. Before you begin to play Shaiya will automatically contact the server and look for any updates. Since this may be a fresh new install, Shaiya will automatically download and install all updates to current time... which can and will take several minutes. Shaiya will look for updates, download, and install them everytime Shaiya is launched.

After the update(s) is complete you can click on the Start Game button to begin.

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