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If you are a newbie looking for help or an old pro looking to gain some special equipment then you can come here to fulfill your dreams!


Becoming an Apprentice 1. All level 6~16 players who do not have a master can take on a master! 2. Your master must be at least 5 level higher than you and with less than 3 apprentices. 3. Leaving a master requires waiting at least 24 hours. 4. The first time you become an apprentice you will receive additional rewards!

Becoming a Master 1. Players who are over level 20 and have less than 3 apprentices can accept new apprentices! 2. All apprentices must be 5 levels (or more) lower than you. 3. Releasing an apprentice requires waiting up to 48 hours. 4. The first time you accept an apprentice you will gain additional rewards.

Apprentice+Master Rewards At level 10, 15 18 and upon reaching level 20, both the Apprentice and Master will receive rewards! When the apprentice reaches level 20, they will automatically leave their apprenticeship and both players will receive unique outfits and awesome rewards!

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