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Disassembling is a system where you can take apart your equipment and break them down into crystals or materials. By taking the unwanted equipment and using a solvent item, you can easily separate your equipment by speaking to an alchemist NPC.

Here is some general information about the process of disassembling:

  • You can obtain crystals and bonus materials through disassembling.
  • The material output will be given according to the level of the equipment.
  • There is a fixed disassembling fee of 500 Florin.
  • Only weapons and armors can be disassembled.
  • To disassemble, 1 armor/weapon item, 1 solvent, and fee are required.

Disassembling Interface

  • Equipment to Disassemble: You can place the equipment to be disassembled here in this slot. To move it, you can left click and drag from your inventory. Or you can left double click or right click on the item in your inventory to move it over.
  • Solvent: A solvent sold by a merchant is needed in order to start the disassembling process.
  • Prize Space: A window will pop up to ask you to set your storage password.
  • Basic Prize: After disassembling is completed, the solvent us automatically used and produces a basic prize. This prize is given at a 100% rate. However, it is given according to the item level and enhancement.
  • Bonus Prize: After disassembling is completed, one to three prize bundles are chosen randomly to be given to you. Once you have registered the password successfully, a notification pop-up will be displayed to confirm that password has been set.
  • Fee: A fee of 500 Florin is needed for disassembly.
  • Available Florin: This area shows the available Florin you currently have.
  • Disassemble: Click on this button to start the disassembling process. Once disassembly is finished, the button will change to "Close".

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