Derelict Tunnel

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Basic Information

Derelict Tunnel is the first dungeon that you will encounter in Scarlet Blade, located in Enocia

General Information
Dungeon Name: Derelict Tunnel


Required Level: 9
Passcards Required: 1
Fee: 1S
Number of Bosses: One
Difficulty: Easy

Appearance Name Level
MiklqpN.png Buzzard Foreman 12

Name Level
Buzzard Flunky 10
Buzzard Enforcer 11
Engorged Volcano Beetle 12
Buzzard Gunner 10
Mutant Hyena 10

Name Level Requirements
Tunnel Tactics 1 10 Kill Buzzard Flunkies

Collect Blitz (0/7)

Hyena Hijinks 10 De-fang Mutant Hyenas (0/7)
Tunnel Tactics 2 10 Kill Buzzard Gunners

Collect Communications Gear (0/10)

An Unsettling Discovery 10 Kill Buzzard Foreman

Talk to the Mysterious Construct when finished.

Narrow Escape 10 Use the Gen Enocia Transmitter in your inventory to travel to Enocia.
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