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DefenderMale.jpg DefenderFemale.jpg
Faction Alliance of Light
Type Melee
Strengths Party

The Defender is one of three classes available to the Humans.

Class_Icon_Defender.jpg Defenders automatically gain + 1 to REC each Level.



The Defender is a tank. Defenders have high stamina and high hit points, enabling them to take a beating, but still stay standing. Unlike Fighters, Defenders can take on multiple foes at the same time with little worry. Defenders also have the ability to provoke enemies into attacking them, a useful skill when in groups.

In a group, defenders are usually fulfilling the role of a tank.

Its sister class in the Union of Fury is the Guardian. See a comparison at Defender/Guardian.


  • Uses shields, one-handed swords, and blunt weapons
  • High vitality and stamina
  • First into the fray
  • Automatically gains reaction defense boost and HP (+1 to REC) each level


Initial Stats


Normal Mode

  • +5 REC

Hard Mode

  • +7 REC

Ultimate Mode

  • +9 REC
  • +7 REC, +2 DEX

PvP Build

  • NM:+2 DEX, +1 REC +2 STR. HM:+3 DEX, +1 REC, +3 STR. UM:+3 DEX, +2 REC, +4 STR.

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