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Basic Information

Field Notes

As the front line in any melee, the Defender was designed to withstand an incredible amount of physical punishment. She possesses strength and regenerative capabilities unmatched by any other Arkana, allowing her to shrug off blows that would kill her smaller sisters. Wielding a massive two-handed blade, she wades directly into battle with her enemies, forcing them to ignore her allies and confront her directly, or be cut down where they stand.

Serial Number: 7325901K
Archetype: Defender
Base Clone DNA: North American
Height: 6'6"
Bust: 38F
Waist: 26
Hips: 39

Psych Profile

The Defender is the closest any Arkana comes to old Earth's idea of the "super soldier." She is incredibly strong, determined, and loyal. In combat, Defenders have been witnessed flying into a rage when an ally becomes injured, cleaving their way through dozens of enemies until they reach their fallen comrade, and protecting their body until a Medic arrives. This unflappable devotion engenders a universal respect from the Defender's allies, and makes her a natural leader in many Arkana squadrons.


Defenders were designed with one thing in mind: survivability. Her 6'6" frame allows for more muscle mass and thicker skeletal plating, as well as a height and reach advantage versus most enemies. The Voidshield module amplifies her defensive Chakra, greatly dissipating the force of incoming blows before they ever make contact. Combine these modifications with the ability to regenerate wounds in a matter of moments, and an experienced Defender becomes almost impossible to kill.

Class Weapon

The GL-10 blade weapon, or “Guillotine,” embodies the knowledge gained during thousands of years of ancient warfare. By requiring the wielder to partake in face-to-face combat, it erases any chance of an enemy "taking cover" as they might from a ranged weapon. In this way, the Guillotine helps the Defender fulfill her primary function: keeping her target's attention firmly focused on her, and off her allies.

Class Mech

Inside the Heavily-armored Freyja Mech, the Defender becomes a veritable juggernaut. She cleaves through her enemies with Freyja’s flaming sword, swatting away attacks from creatures ten times her size. When surrounded by smaller foes, she can spin her blade to cause a burning cyclone, damaging anything in the area. With the full power of the Freyja Mech behind her, a skilled Defender is practically unstoppable.

Class Pros and Cons


  • High VOID rating, Most tanky class
  • Ability to regenerate HP
  • Able to increase aggro in PvE (only good for bosses, not useful as no one will care you can aggro a boss)
  • Excessive survivability bonus on Mech Mode
  • Tallest and curviest model


  • Lowest damage class
  • Low mobility
  • Low Ch damage
  • Low resistance to Ch damage
  • Almost no ranged or AoE attacks
  • Possesses limited special attacks
  • Limited attack range makes them ineffective at covering large areas at a time
  • Game doesn't reward being able to take damage, you will not be in demand for parties
  • You need a strong pet and both good offensive and defensive gear making this the hardest class to run until you are fully geared
  • Difficult to solo farm with, can be done


Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
65113.jpg Bladesong The Defender's basic attack. While it does not consume SP, neither does it demonstrate the Arkana's full potential.
65119.jpg Cuts Both Ways A brutal slash that deals greater damage than the base attack, while maintaining low SP cost and cooldown.
65125.jpg Rupture A twirling attack that smashes the greatsword down on the enemy, dealing more damage than Cuts Both Ways at the cost of a slightly longer cooldown.
65131.jpg Lacerate A powerful, sweeping arc attack that deals heavy damage with a high Crit Rate, at the cost of a slightly longer cooldown.
65137.jpg Steel Impact The Defender hurls a wave of compressed Gravity that slams into the target like a cinderblock, causing Knock-Out.
65143.jpg Clash of Titans Continuously reduces the target's ATK, EVA and VOID attributes, making then more vulnerable to damage.
65120.jpg Cynosure A laser Attack that draws additional aggro. Because the min and max attack strength range is so broad, damage is not unilaterally applied.
65126.jpg Eye of the Storm A sweeping circular attack that charges the Defender's sword with Particle energy and draws additional Aggro. Because the min and max attack strength range is so broad, damage is not unilaterally applied.
1123.png Wheel Impact The Defender catches up to a nearby target to deal a sweeping attack to the target and surround enemies, while drawing additional Agro. Because the min and max attack strength range is so broad, damage is not unilaterally applied.
65121.jpg Quicklime The Arkana charges enemies within range, dealing Voltage damage to struck targets and rendering then unable to use skills. Higher Ch-ATK yields greater damage.
65127.jpg Hurricane An Amplified Voltage Chakra attack that temporarily paralyzes enemies, disabling then from using basic attacks or skills. Higher skill ranks increase the range, maximum number of affected characters, and effect duration. Higher Ch-ATK yields greater damage.
65123.jpg Gash Temporarily allows the Arkana to use swords as ranged weapons, hurling then from a distance to hack down her foes.
65129.jpg Loathing Deals Physical damage and induces additional % aggro from targets.
65135.jpg Advanced Provocation Deals Physical damage and induces additional aggro from targets.
65141.jpg Demotivation Deals damage to surrounding enemies, while continuously reducing their ATK.
65124.jpg Chakrashield This unique buff can be maintained long after it's cast, but will continuously consume SP while active. Right-click the buff icon to cancel the effect.
65130.jpg Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Briefly enhances movement speed and all 5 resistance values, so you can rush the enemy line.
65136.jpg Healing Chakra Quickly restores a large portion of HP and bolsters regeneration to increase the chances of surviving a hectic battle.
65142.jpg Iron Skin 'The best offense is a good defense'; The Defender switches into defense mode, consuming SP to augment her defensive technique.
65148.jpg Frenzy 'The best defense is a good offense'; The Defender switches into attack mode at the expense of her health, consuming HP to fuel her assault.

Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
65101.jpg Advanced Health Mastery Increases the Defender's Max HP based on item stats.
65102.jpg Soul Mastery Increases the Defender's Max SP based on item stats.
65103.jpg Protection Mastery Bolster's the Defender's VOID Attribute, increasing her chances of surviving a melee
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