Day of Destiny

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Talk to Babama(he is located at x:147, y:285).

Quest Text
A familiar voice appears in your mind...

"Sage Babama?" You're startled. How does that guy do it?

"It is time, <name>. Come to me! The time has come to decide your fate..." Sage Babama speaks directly to your mind via magic.

Reward Text
"Child, the Day of Destiny is not far off." Babama wears a somber look.

"When I was meditating, nature spoke to me in its special language, saying that the power of nature is being weakened, and so evil has gained footholds into our world.

If not dealt with promptly, you'll soon see the world fall into unprecedented chaos.

Dragons and fell creatures of the ancient age will be awakened, and the world will need Sprite Messengers and power of Sprites again."

Post-Quest Text
"As a Sprite Messenger you must choose the path and direction you feel is best for you.

You have to gain as much power as possible before that fateful day arrives.

Since the world has chosen you as a Sprite Messenger in this day and age, you must face the coming challenges with courage and resolution."

Suggested Level: 4
Start: Automatic
Finish: Babama, Siwa Island
(x: 147, y: 285)
  • Level: 4
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Quest Chain:
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